How to start a blog

This column has got a series of articles on how to start a blog. Blogging is a big part of content available online these days. No wonder that more and more people want to try themselves at this skill. However, not all know where to start. Being a full-time fashion and beauty blogger at Yukova and having been writing for more than two years, I decided to share my experience here. I discuss ideas and pivotal steps one has to take to be successful at blogging. Also, I talk about mistakes and ways to avoid them.

So, on these pages I try to help my fellow bloggers to understand the current rules of blogging word. I like to share my knowledge and really want to support enthusiasts in this field.

How to Start a Blog. Part 1 – Planning

I am starting a new series on how to start a blog. Being a full-time blogger myself, I notice that still, more and more people are trying to get into a Blogging Word. Some people think that blogs are dying nowadays, but I disagree. I believe that blog should be your base platform if you are trying to become an influencer in your field. Still, numerous blogs are set up every day. But do we know about all of them? Do we read them all? I have set up my blog and developed it from the beginning to today’s point on my own. I…

1 Year Yukova Blog Anniversary

Can we just take a second and wish a Happy 1 Year blog anniversary to Yukova Blog! I can’t believe the year has passed so quick. It was a very tough year full of hard work, long hours and stress, but at the same time it was filled with amazing events, meeting talented people, attending fashion week and lots more.