Manage Your Weight

Want To Manage Your Weight? 4 Signs To Look For In A Good Diet Plan

Although it’s fairly normal for your weight to fluctuate, it’s important to maintain it in a relatively healthy range. Unfortunately, this is becoming harder to achieve for a lot of adults. According to recent surveys from the NHS, nearly 63% of all adults in England are overweight or obese. In time, this could lead to a surge in heart disease cases, mobility issues, and more people becoming at risk of chronic illnesses. Millions of people aim to …


Vape Fashion: Tips and Tricks to Stay on Trend

As vaping becomes more and more popular, vape fashion is quickly becoming a trend in its own right. From vape watches to vape belts, there are a number of fashionable vape accessories and Exotic snacks st-eustache on the market right now. Here we take a look at some of the trendiest pieces on the market today.
Trendy Vape Accessories
Vape Watch
If you’re looking to stay on trend, one of the best vape accessories to …


Dry Lips No More with this New Find

Lanolin is an ingredient that has been around for around 8000 years. Back then, Egyptians would wrap their heads in blocks of lanolin wax and place them on their faces, creating soft and moisturized skin.
Generally, it is used as a skincare ingredient that can lock in moisture and prevent water loss.
Primarily, this is a substance extracted from the wool of sheep. It’s a protective shield that can keep the skin and wool from harsh weather conditions. This oil is obtained by carefully extracting the wool before it is processed into other products.
Moreover, it has been around for centuries and is used as a …


Budget Beauty just might be the Best

When it comes to skincare, sometimes expensive doesn’t always mean the best. In fact, if there is one thing that we should all look for when deciding on our skincare routine, the main keyword should be “personalized.” That said, since we’re aiming for something effective, then we put our money where we can make the most out of it.
Bespoke Beauty
Creating a routine that will work for you may take a while, but if you want to achieve great skin, this is worth the effort. Here is a list of things you need to consider when creating your personalized regimen:

Determine your goal….


This Brand is the Talk of the Town

As an enthusiast and creator in the skincare and beauty industry, one guilty pleasure I have is discovering, trying out, and promoting affordable brands that are effective. That said, when I encountered Garden of Wisdom, I was floored.
Primarily known for a skincare product line specific to the skin profile and body and hair products made from DIY and organic ingredients, I was surprised I hadn’t heard about them before.
The company is based in Arizona and was a rebranding of Victoria Health.
I heard about them firsthand from another beauty journalist who spoke candidly about the straightforward approach of GoW, …


To Spend or To Save? Fashion Tips for the Modern-day Shopaholic

In this day and age where online shopping literally takes just a click of a few buttons, it’s almost too easy to get your hands on a new top, or a dress, or a whole set of coordinates with matching accessories. Too easy, in fact, that it’s harder to start reconsidering your decisions on whether to buy or to save the money instead.
So let’s go over a few basic questions that can help you determine if you’re making the right purchases.
“Is this something I would buy if this were not on sale?”
Some of us only find interest in pieces simply because it’s on …


New Brands to Try for the Season

So many things have happened and changed in a span of a year, and it has helped us put things into perspective. With regards to fashion, we can consider this a good opportunity to explore new emerging brands that are not only promising but are also sustainable.
That said since we’re all taking a turn away from fast fashion, these three brands might be worthwhile to check out.
Andrea Iymah


Instagram as a New Haven for Fashion

If you spend more time on social media than any other platform, chances are you get your styling tips and outfits from pictures posted there. While some of us head over to Pinterest to curate our fashion mood boards, a good number of us found our way to the fashion pits of Instagram.
We did, and let us tell you. We were surprised at the wonders that were growing right under our noses.
Thrifted, Upcycled, and Curated
Instagram has been a visual haven for beauty and fashion enthusiasts. This had become more true during the pandemic when online shopping skyrocketed. Some savvy entrepreneurs and business people took this…


Coolest Shades for the Summertime

Bright and vibrant colors are all the rave during the season, but this is not always everyone’s cup of tea. In fact, some people prefer to take a step back and chill it all out during the summer. That said, this is where the coolest shades come in, and if you’re ready to rock some creams and pastels, then you’re not alone.
Soothing Shades for Summer
If there’s one thing we can point out about pastels, it is that there is so much to love about its inherent calming effect. These colors don’t demand you to turn your head and stare. Instead, it invites you to rest your eyes.
They also exude …


Daring to Denim

Darn, is it denim yet again? Yes, it is, and there is no shame in the game. Whether we admit it or not, denim is a classic favorite for the simple reason that it protects and secures your body while flattering your figure.
Basically, denim isn’t a fashion trend. It’s already an established style that finds its place in any era, and in the modern times, it’s still a crowd favorite.
Fast Fashion – not!
While denim isn’t the most eco-friendly material to produce and work with, it proves sustainable in the long run because it actually lasts. If you have authentic denim pieces in your closet…