Dry Lips No More with this New Find

Lanolin is an ingredient that has been around for around 8000 years. Back then, Egyptians would wrap their heads in blocks of lanolin wax and place them on their faces, creating soft and moisturized skin.
Generally, it is used as a skincare ingredient that can lock in moisture and prevent water loss.
Primarily, this is a substance extracted from the wool of sheep. It’s a protective shield that can keep the skin and wool from harsh weather conditions. This oil is obtained by carefully extracting the wool before it is processed into other products.
Moreover, it has been around for centuries and is used as a …


Budget Beauty just might be the Best

When it comes to skincare, sometimes expensive doesn’t always mean the best. In fact, if there is one thing that we should all look for when deciding on our skincare routine, the main keyword should be “personalized.” That said, since we’re aiming for something effective, then we put our money where we can make the most out of it.
Bespoke Beauty
Creating a routine that will work for you may take a while, but if you want to achieve great skin, this is worth the effort. Here is a list of things you need to consider when creating your personalized regimen:

Determine your goal….


This Brand is the Talk of the Town

As an enthusiast and creator in the skincare and beauty industry, one guilty pleasure I have is discovering, trying out, and promoting affordable brands that are effective. That said, when I encountered Garden of Wisdom, I was floored.
Primarily known for a skincare product line specific to the skin profile and body and hair products made from DIY and organic ingredients, I was surprised I hadn’t heard about them before.
The company is based in Arizona and was a rebranding of Victoria Health.
I heard about them firsthand from another beauty journalist who spoke candidly about the straightforward approach of GoW, …