Instagram as a New Haven for Fashion

If you spend more time on social media than any other platform, chances are you get your styling tips and outfits from pictures posted there. While some of us head over to Pinterest to curate our fashion mood boards, a good number of us found our way to the fashion pits of Instagram.

We did, and let us tell you. We were surprised at the wonders that were growing right under our noses.

Thrifted, Upcycled, and Curated

Instagram has been a visual haven for beauty and fashion enthusiasts. This had become more true during the pandemic when online shopping skyrocketed. Some savvy entrepreneurs and business people took this opportunity and decided to take their thrift store finds into their creative spaces.

That said, many fashion shops on Instagram would resell thrifted pieces that are not only still in good quality but are also redesigned and curated into dainty outfits that the buyer can imagine themselves into.

Preloved Pieces

In connection to all this time we’ve spent indoors during the quarantine period, all this decluttering has led to preloved pieces finding their way back into the market.

With that, Instagram has created a subnetwork for people who empty their closets and share the contents with people who still might be able to use them. Given the emergence of the Marie Kondo phenomenon, people learn how to let go of clothes they no longer use to others who might find happiness in them. Moreover, this has been all the rave, especially for people who are trying out capsule wardrobes for a change.

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