To Spend or To Save? Fashion Tips for the Modern-day Shopaholic

In this day and age where online shopping literally takes just a click of a few buttons, it’s almost too easy to get your hands on a new top, or a dress, or a whole set of coordinates with matching accessories. Too easy, in fact, that it’s harder to start reconsidering your decisions on whether to buy or to save the money instead.

So let’s go over a few basic questions that can help you determine if you’re making the right purchases.

“Is this something I would buy if this were not on sale?”

Some of us only find interest in pieces simply because it’s on the sale rack. While there is nothing wrong with buying something that’s on sale, one way to determine how much you want a piece is to ask yourself if this were something you’d consider attractive or worthwhile buying even if it wasn’t on sale. If it’s not, then it’s best to toss it back into the pile.

“Does it fit me?”

While it seems like common sense to buy something that will fit us, some of us will purchase a clothing piece with the intention to fit into it. We turn these clothes into our motivation to gain or lose weight, and we end up failing at it. That said, the best approach is to choose clothes that properly fit and flatter our body type at the present time.

“Is it comfortable?”

Lastly, to remember, the piece we would love to wear is a piece worth its cost. If you find it a hassle to wear, chances are you would choose other clothing pieces over it, so it’d be better that you save the money instead of getting it.

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