This Brand is the Talk of the Town

As an enthusiast and creator in the skincare and beauty industry, one guilty pleasure I have is discovering, trying out, and promoting affordable brands that are effective. That said, when I encountered Garden of Wisdom, I was floored.

Primarily known for a skincare product line specific to the skin profile and body and hair products made from DIY and organic ingredients, I was surprised I hadn’t heard about them before.

The company is based in Arizona and was a rebranding of Victoria Health.

I heard about them firsthand from another beauty journalist who spoke candidly about the straightforward approach of GoW, which is quite a diversion from the usual marketing tactics of other beauty brands.

Word of Mouth Branding

Unlike most brands that put on a show to have eyes on them, Garden of Wisdom took a different approach and decided to encourage their buyers to share their experiences online. That said, many others knew about the brand from Reddit forums and other discussion platforms.

Packing a Punch

One of their products’ best attributes is that they have the least amount of inactive ingredients, so you know each serum, cream, and topical is rich with effect. Moreover, it immediately produces results without harming or inflaming the skin. Truly, this is a gem that we’re glad to have discovered.

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